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by TrabaThew at 12:18 AM
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Temporarily turning the server into an op server?
Hello! As you know the server has become extremely over powered with the amount of items everyone has such as the Prot IV in everyone's base. This is causing people to get bored because Prot IV isn't anything special to get. We will be fixing that for the 1.8 reset however Curry and I have came up with an idea to maybe get some players back and have a little more fun on the server. To keep the server balanced we are wondering if you guys wanted to make the server op. Donators have so much armor swords etc.. that it is almost unfair for regular default players to play. We want to balance that out until the 1.8 reset comes. Turning the server into a temporarily op server until the reset will almost feel the same, just increases pvp. We will create all new ranks just for this from prices ranging $4-$25. The ranks WOULD...
by zYz_Curry_zYz at 9:14 PM
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PvP Fixes
As many of you know, rubber banding (getting glitched back) when pvping was a very big problem along with the hit detection. We have fixed this problem. You will no longer rubber band in pvp and the hit detection is no longer, for lack of a better word, ass. We are still working on getting a broader connection though, to fix many connection problems that still persist on the server.

by zYz_Curry_zYz at 8:27 PM
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Rank Names
We have noticed that the topic of rank names has been brought up quite a lot on the server. We could not decide ourselves if we should do it, so we are letting you guys decide. There will be a poll on this vote whether to change the rank names or to leave them how they are. Please vote on it as soon as possible and also leave a reply with a few suggestions for the new rank names.
by zYz_Curry_zYz at 10:04 PM
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ExodusPvP Changes
As many of you know, the server has been getting a little over powered, and honestly a little dull. That is why, the staff team feels that a change has to be made. To start of these changes, we would like to make the kits less overpowered, along with changing the rank names.

Kit and Rank changes:

/kit sponsor: 1x Prot III Iron Armor, 1x Sharp I Diamond Sword
Vip Kit: 4 Enderpearls, 4 TnT, 4 Golden Apples
Delay for /kit sponsor: 7 days
Delay for vip kit: 2 hour
/kit premium: 1x Prot II Diamond Armor, 1x Sharp II Diamond Sword, 1x Power I Bow
Vip Kit: 8 Enderpearls, 8 TnT, 8 Golden Apples
Delay for /kit premium: 7 days
Delay for vip kit: 2 hour
/kit elite: 1x Prot III Diamond Armor, 1x Sharp III Diamond Sword, 1x Power II Bow
Vip Kit: 12...
by gstarmonster at 4:37 PM
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Hello Everyone I just wanted to say that the staff has
decided to cancel the PVP Tournament due to
people not able to cooperate with it...

But I have decided to put together a video because curry
doesn't have the time to do it so i will be putting together a
ExodusPVP In Real life Pictures of The players if you
would like to participate sign your
in game name in the comments and i will message you
in game on how to send me the picture

Thanks You for your time Enjoy :) !

Love Gstar ;)
by TrabaThew at 8:19 PM
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This is where you will be viewing who you are pvping against. Once you are done with the fight, upload the video to this thread. http://challonge.com/ExodusPvPTournament
You have 3 days to fight your opponent otherwise you disqualify and the person who is there to fight wins.
by TrabaThew at 3:59 AM
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Hey guys, I have made a base the regular world, try and put your raiding skills to the test. Cords x=7985 y=3 z=-3487 now you have to try and raid it. It is filled with god armor and other goodies, my head is also in there. :O Good Luck :D BASE FOUND AND RAIDED! Nice job guys :)
by TrabaThew at 2:59 AM
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Hello guys and girls! So looks like we are hosting another pvp tournament. Post your ign in the comments if you would like to join. We are capping the amount of people to join at 80 people again. This tournament will be a little bit different from the other one we hosted. I will make a bracket for everyone to view once I get all the people who are participating, you will 1v1 your opponent and record. I will link the bracket in announcements when it is made so you can see who you will fight. We will make a separate forum for all pvp tournament videos to go on. Once we fill up on people or people stop commenting to join I will set a date for this. All I ask is for every fight to be in kit iron, anything else does NOT count. Winner gets 1 Creeper Egg, 2 Sets Of Prot 4 Diamond Armor, 1 God Apple and 1 Sharp 5 Fire 2 Looting 3 Diamond Sword. Thanks guys :) ~TrabaThew
by zYz_Curry_zYz at 11:51 PM
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We have just opened our server merchandise store. On there, you can get some t-shirts or sweatshirts etc for sexyraids. The shop is still under construction but we currently have 1 shirt available with graphics made by xLauto. This shop can be found at: http://sexyraids.spreadshirt.com
by TrabaThew at 8:13 PM
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PvP Tournament
This tournament is scheduled for this coming Saturday at around 12 EST. We are allowing 80 people to take part in this tournament. All fights will be 1v1's and it is a 1 game elimination. All items will be provided for you during the fight, if you are found having any items that you brought for yourself, you will automatically be disqualified from the tournament. The winner of the tournament will get some Protection 4 armor, good swords, axes and money. Along with getting a very special, [1v1Champ] prefix (colors will be of your choosing for the prefix). Good luck everyone!

If you are interested in signing up for this coming Saturday's PvP tournament, please provide your in-game-name (ign) below, that's all, nothing else please. We are limiting the capacity of the tournament to 80 people, so the first 80 people to comment their name, will be...